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February 27, 2017


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1. no student loans, did undergrad through my doctorate on full freight scholarships so graduated with positive net worth
2. never had a smartphone so I've never bought apps (similarly don't have a TV so don't have cable)
3. never had a gym membership, I live in a scenic area so walking on a treadmill seems silly
4. daily coffee trips: K-cups are free where I work, good enough for my taste
5. car payments: none, I paid cash for my used car
6. car leases, see #5
7. car wash upgrades-- what's a car wash? (BTW here in California I'm definitely an outlier, and thankful for the rain)
8. lottery tickets: only in the office pool which happens only couple times a year
9. timeshares: never had one and don't know anyone who ever had one (do these really exist or is it urban legend?)
10: shipping charges: the only ones I recall are the big envelopes to file my taxes

1. I paid off my undergrad student loans in '08 and cash flowed my MBA.
2. I've never paid for an app or any in-app purchases
3. My employer has an on-site gym I use pretty regularly and it's only $20/mo, so worth i
4. I don't drink coffee and if I did, I'd stick to the free stuff at work
5. Haven't had a car payment since Feb09 - probably will buy another within the next two years or so but will pay cash.
6. Have never leased a car
7. It's been a while, but I usually DIY or get the cheapest drive through car wash at the gas station if it's too cold out
8. Nope.
9. I've stayed at a timeshare but have never sat through the presentation. We travel a lot but would never limit our options (and waste our money) with a timeshare
10. Amazon Prime all the way.

Better list:
1) mortgage/rent
2) cars (and associated costs)
3) cable/TV bill
4) bars, restaurants, coffee
5) hotels
6) healthcare
7) student loans
8) excess AC, electricity use
10) poor tax efficiency
10) poor investment strategies/execution

I only spend money on "shipping charges" because I live outside of the US and some things you can only get in the States.

I'm surprised people would spend lots of money on smartphone apps. All of the best ones are free right? And there are so many to choose from! Maybe people buy the in-app purchases like more "coins" or whatever. I wonder where he got his information though. I don't see that mentioned in the article so maybe they just made it up. -Aaron

SO much yes on the lottery tickets. I almost slapped Mr. Picky Pincher upside the head after he told me he spent $20 on some random lottery at work. Naturally no one ever wins but our $20 is still missing. Ugh. I've avoided the gym membership, thankfully, but I've still spent money here and there on coffee (when I forget to make coffee at home). We're paying off our student loans right now and those suckers will be gone in 2018, so that's another way we've "wasted" money.

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