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March 08, 2017


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Ahhh, I do like the idea of retiring abroad. However, I think we'd grow to miss our families too much to actually pull the trigger. I do want to do extended periods of travel during retirement, like spending a few months in Thailand, for instance.

Japan is #2? Seriously? I worked there for several months over a decade ago and I don't recall seeing any American retirees living there. With all due respect to the culture, the high cost of living and the difficulty of acquiring their language I imagine would make it a tough place to live as an expat.

My brother tried early retirement in Latin America. He's back after a few years there. He explained that he just grew tired of putting up with some of the inconveniences that seemed like no big deal when he first moved there. No doubt some will swear by their choice, but given the numbers I think it takes a special mindset to pull it off.

I'd imagine the cheapest English-speaking place to retire is the good ol' USA.

You know, many countries including the US and Canada, offer some sort of citizenship for investment programme. I' m sure all these countries have challenges administering such programmes but I think it takes a bit more than just money to be approved for citizenship by any nation. I feel obliged to also point out that with a bit of research, you'll find that only a handful of West Indian countries offer such programme. Your blanket statement "... if you want to become a citizen of a Caribbean country seems like all it takes is money." is thus grossly erroneous. Not mad at you though. As a citizen of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, let me personally extend an invitation for you and your family to come visit our beautiful country at anytime.

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