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April 05, 2017


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Hahaha, a wise thing to calculate, indeed! This is the average number, too, of course. Many times people buy waaaaay too much crap for their pets and even more crap for their kids. Both will cost money, but it doesn't have to destroy your budget.

Or get a cat instead. ;)

We have two labs, both turning 5 in the next month. We definitely underestimated the costs of owning dogs when we got them as puppies. Just a few weeks ago, we had an unexpected $300 vet bill because they decided to eat an amaryllis plant which, we now know, is toxic to dogs. Thankfully, the dogs fared better than our bank account. Nonetheless, we view them as members of our family and couldn't have anticipated just how amazing they would be for our kids.

My husband and I don't keep pets mainly because they're expensive. We have a kid to take care of now, so he takes up a lot of our free time.

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