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April 12, 2017


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Yeah, that "tool" feels more like a client funnel. Some of those questions are too much, like whether you think you made any errors on past returns and the only "no" option is that you used a pro in prior years. And the more substantive questions probably don't dig deep enough into the person's scenario. They could simplify it to - "Do you need to file a return? Yes, you need a tax pro!".

I do my own (with TurboTax) but I really don't have anything that complicated with my taxes since all of our investments are in retirement accounts and I only have one source of income. I can definitely see the value when we start to have a lot of other taxable investments.

Speaking on the other side of the Dave Ramsey ELP (endorsed local provider) program, I have a friend who was an ELP for investments and paid a very hefty monthly fee to be on the network (thousands per month). We met with an ELP for real estate and he disclosed that roughly 1/3 of his commission went straight to Dave Ramsey's company if we used him.

I use Tax pro, well I deal with charted accountant and he is all liable for my taxes and statements.

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