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May 17, 2017


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I think real estate, P2P, and dividend stocks would be fine in the 'Later' bucket, but they could also be exposed to sequence of returns risk so may not be appropriate for the 'Now/Soon' buckets. For those you'd probably want to go with an FDIC-insured CD ladder, or consider a single annuity to cover all three buckets. Doing this split increases the size of the pot you need, that extra security doesn't come free!

A few years ago I took the graybeard track at my employer. I gained control over my work location, schedule, and content in exchange for exiting the raise/promotion pool. It's worked out really well so I always encourage those who are contemplating early retirement to look into the possibilities for this kind of arrangement before jumping ship.

In my case I saved 20% of my salary each an every month in a bank account and I made sure I will not touch it unless it is an urgent matter.This gave me a satisfied retirement gift.Now I do not have to depend on my children or bother them.My advice to them and to everyone is that save from what you earn which is more than enough for your retirement.

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