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August 29, 2017


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Giving up the vehicle is definitely a great tip. Since I got a car I have a lot more freedom, but damn, they are money buckets! The bills increased my cost of living by like 15% (not including repairs etc).

Good tips. Many thanks!

We're also planning to cut retirement costs by paying off our mortgage before FIRE. I know the community is torn on this, but we like having the peace of mind. The stock market may fluctuate, but at least we'll own the roof over our heads if things go south.

Another thing to consider is to shop your Home and Auto Insurance around. Many people stay with one company for a number of years, however all the insurers are looking for business and are aggressively trying to get people to switch by lowering costs.

Hello, I just found the site again and missed the boat on getting the new site name. If you are still giving that out, I'd love to have it! Thanks.


Not only will cooking at home save you money, It can be a fun time. This weekend my Son brought his family over and we all cooked together, even the grandkids helped out cleaning corn.

Hi, I too, would also like the name of your new site. Thanks!

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