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August 01, 2017


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I moved from Los Angeles to Detroit this past spring and am so much happier. No traffic, homes are a steal, friendly people and I don't feel like I'm treading water to stay afloat financially each month. On the downside, crime and car insurance premiums are higher than other places I've lived. We also don't have the amenities yet of other big cities (restaurants, services, etc.) but they're coming. I don't have kids and realize my decision isn't right for everyone, but from a financial perspective, I regret "big city living" for as long as I did.

This is crazy! I wouldn't think bigger cities like St. Louis or Detroit would be on here. I live in Texas and the cost of living is actually pretty reasonable. In our area a single person could live really well on just $60k a year (our median household income in my area is just $30k!).

I went to grad school near Pittsburgh and my siblings attended college near Indy, and we're all born and raised in Chicagoland, so I have an idea of what's out there. Over the past decades we've all moved to California. Now that my job is by remote access, I can live anywhere in the world with reliable high speed internet.

I've thought about going back "home" but decided against it. I never got into a high spending habit so the small cost of living savings isn't worth the benefit of the temperate year round climate, and perhaps more importantly, the rather good crime stats across most of coastal California. My siblings made the same decision.

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