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January 15, 2018


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I don't think #1 has to be binary, it's about balance right? If your life outside work now fits nicely into ~40 hours per week, stretching that same stuff out to 80 hours per week may feel boring at times. I also get up 5:30am every day without an alarm clock, and I put in my 8 hours at work doing stuff I enjoy more than staring at the stock market live stream on CNBC. I get caught up in the evenings, I think it's better seeing the daily action as a highlight film than in real-time. And traveling only part-time works for me.

I don't see why #2 has anything to do with when you choose to retire, like how does delaying retirement make your expenses any more predictable? I don't think predictability matters as long as you can reliably cover them, so all you need to do is to bound them with a worst-case estimate and prepare accordingly.

So #3 means that nobody should retire before age 65 because this is the age we qualify for Medicare? My nut can cover my health insurance premiums many times over so why would I have to wait?

Breakeven on social security is typically around age 84, so if your family history suggests you'll not live that long, then it may make sense to lock it in earlier. And in such case I don't think anyone can say you're retiring 'too early', after all you may not otherwise have any time left for it.

If your FA advises against your decision to retire, find out exactly why, and get a second opinion. If that's also a no-go, describe your situation on a message board like and see what your peers have to say. In my experience success estimates can vary substantially depending upon the combination of assumptions used, so a crowd-estimate along with some expert opinions will tell you more than a single source assessment.

You're absolutely spot on about boredom in retirement. My dad recently retired and he is no considering picking up a part time job just to keep him busy.

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