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February 05, 2018


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That's interesting....I'm well over the median savings and it always shocks me how some people save so little, yet make a decent income.

That's a misleading number. It ignores the present value of Social Security benefits which for most people is well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Also, most people in GenX and Millenials will get massive inheritances from the Boomers and Greatest Generation...especially with stock & housing prices at nosebleed levels. So I really don't think it is as bad as it seems.

Interesting read, and a bit depressing as well, especially if you haven't saved what the post suggests you should. But, no use crying over spilt milk. Better to start now if you're already behind or haven't started yet.

I'am in my mid 20's, this is a good read. I have started saving funds in SIP format. I need to set aside more funds to have a tension-free retirement as per the blog.

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