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March 05, 2018


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Great post. Thanks for bringing this to print. I can empathize with the 100K people and often times have stated that I don't know how the medium households do it. My wife and I make around 100K. We are comfortable, but we save, are frugal and budget for things. It is so easy to get off track and spend more than you can afford. There is always something we need or want, but don't have the money. If it is feasible, we will work it into our budget or save for it. Bottom line is that you have to have control. Sometimes you can find alternate products that are cheaper.

It's all about money management. Whether you make 100k a year or 500k a year. I've heard about so many celebrities going broke because they couldn't management it (millions of dollars).

I do dread the college days though, but it's important to save now for your children's future.

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