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April 09, 2018


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My goals are to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, which includes a minimum 2-mile walk of consistent steps. I have been successful in meeting this goal and most days exceeding it.

I try to get to the gym a minimum three times a week. This goal is still a struggle.

Your point about career earnings is a good one. I was at a leadership offsite last week with the Executive Committee of my global mega-corp and not a single one was overweight. Is it correlation or causation?

Likely it's the self-discipline it takes to stay in good shape that is a pre-requisite to attaining that level of success. Will working out launch your career? Maybe or maybe not, but it certainly won't hurt it. And if nothing else, at least your healthcare costs will be lower!

I exercise 5 days a week, started at home but moved to a nearby gym. That being said, I've never thought exercise affects my finances (except the gym monthly fee, of course). Now you got me thinking, and yes, I happen to be by the doctor's office door much less lately. Also, walking a lot saves gas haha

I am in total agreement that good health saves money! As long as you don't splurge on all of the expensive gear and high-end gym memberships that is.

I have found that the most cost-effective way to good health is to just lace up a pair of sneakers and take a long walk every day. As an alternative, most suburban areas have those $10 a month gym memberships that can be utilized. Just watch out for those hidden fees!

For me, exercise is only profit, as I don't go to a gym. I exercise outside, as it enhances my endurance and motivation throughout the training.

Never thought of working out as a way to save money. But this can become a great way for those who can't start saving. Thanks for sharing!!

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