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April 30, 2018


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It seems highly questionable to post unabashed positive reports about stocks without failing to warn "investors" of the highly expensive valuations which will undoubtedly reduce long-term growth potential. As long as speculators keep bidding up prices (similar to the late 90s tech boom or the early 2000s housing market) nobody seems to care; but then once the correction/crash happens, people will crawl out of the woodwork saying "nobody saw that coming!" Recognize that pretty much all financial assets, including stocks, bonds and even housing, are at nosebleed valuations versus historical metrics.

Market economy works. As long people buying products and companies making money selling products, the stock market will grow. Its hard to find another investment opportunities with an average performance of >=+6% p.a.
For sure, time will come when stock markets collapse. Once it happened, they will rise again.

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