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April 02, 2018


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We have our taxes prepared every year by our CPA. I am terrible at numbers, math, and anything associated with taxes. Its peace of mind for us.

We have a rental, recent inheritance from parents, and high charitable giving to keep track of. Anytime I have a question during the year about anything financial, I can call him and ask.

Not necessarily.....There are great software packages and also support from Audit Companies that will buffer the investors / individual from IRS. All this can be done for under $100 per year, plus personal time. I have pretty complex taxes, but do it myself right now.

It is just a bunch of 200 odd questions on investments, job, expenses, charity and real estate. Answer them, put in the numbers, and whalla! You are done with refund coming to you.

I have been handling my own taxes since I was 16 years old and so far so good. Maybe since I started early, the complexity has only slowly been added over time, e.g. the small business, the investments, etc...

I do toy with the idea of getting an accountant to handle them sometimes, but it always bugs me to think about paying someone else to do something I could handle perfectly well myself.

Maybe I'll reconsider next year when my daughter starts college or when I get closer to retirement and things may get more complicated for a few years as I transition funds around.

I completely agree with Kenny. Complicated taxes are rendered simple and cheap to self-prepare with Turbotax. Also, I've been hit with tax penalties twice for mistakes originating from professional tax preparers, i.e., human error. I trust software sold to millions more.

I have our taxes done by a CPA. High income, dealing with issues around stock options, multiple states involved (travel extensively with job), etc. Another major reason is that if something ever happens to me, the CPA can assist with any future questions.

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