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May 07, 2018


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Your article really hit home with me because we’re on what I would consider to be a more moderate course to early retirement. We have travel plans that are more important to us than FI and we like to spend in certain areas like a housekeeper or going out to eat with friends. At the end of your article you talk about focusing on big wins and that’s been part of our strategy: to save on housing, cars, and grocery costs (the big three) and not sweat some other costs so much. By focusing on the big three we save thousands every year as compared to what we’d spend with a more expensive house, cars, and grocery bills.

I somewhat agree that you have to go full frugal to save for anything, not just retirement. But I have learned (the easy way, thankfully) that going full frugal has its drawbacks. The obvious one is that you fail to live nicely in the moment. This is debatable, but the way I look at it is that you need to live a little, and focus on retirement should be a part of it. Go low on spending for luxury cars and huge houses. Go high on what you need and personal development like education (if you are a youngster).

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