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June 25, 2018


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I was surprised by the gross household income as well. I'm also a little surprised the FICO score is that low. Thanks for rounding these up!

I expected income lower, debt much higher, 401k balances much lower. So from my perspective we seem to be in better shape.

#1. Ours is now well above this - of course helps that we both work
#2. We're a bit higher than this - to get to a better quality school system we had to sell when our house had no equity (bought at the bottom of the market and our market dug)
#3. Probably about here - should be higher, but isn't
#4. We're very close to 800
#5. Between the two of us, we're right about here
#6. We are a bit above this; getting debt paid off is primary goal but we're close to 10%
#7. I do not contribute to an IRA yet - we will once debts are gone
#8. Ours was higher than usual, but not $2,800 - now, if you include Ohio city refunds we both get due to our situations, then yeah we're at about $2,800
#9. Mine is well below 13.5%
#10. Ours are projected to be higher, but I'm not worrying about that specific figure right now at age 36.

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