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June 04, 2018


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Wow such an inspiring post.

I am definitely going to action this type of milestone structure. I think I am on the journey to the double comma club. Myself and my partner have a few different businesses that have started making us a combined income of $130,000 USD per month coming through. With that we have started making savvy investments to try and build that income up, mostly trying to diversify our portfolio of assets. Look forward to sharing with you when we get to $1.5m in liquidity.

I love seeing the progress you made over several years as a result of the strong foundation you put in place. It is really inspiring. We are currently slogging away on reaching the double comma milestone and it is encouraging to see that things speed up past that point.

I am at Level 1. Relatively close to Level 2, hoping to get there this year. Level 3 will be a little harder to get to, hahaha!

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