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October 15, 2018


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This is an awesome read! Thank you for this

Can you comment on the benefits of other types of investment options. I've been looking at the value of robo-advisors versus peer-to-peer lenders specifically. On the one hand it seems like the stability of returns may actually be greater by lending capital to others. On the flipside, the returns are capped unlike investing in the stock market. But equally the swings to the downside are limited. I see the merits here of both but is there a clear winner or is it all about risk adjusted returns.

As long as the stock market tanks and those of us who are not speculators like the current class of "investors" get better long-term value, I'm all for it!

@Danielle - Thank you very much for your kind words.

@Jim: robo advisors are a good choice if the fees are very low and the ETFs you invest in are what you are looking for. Those who dare to weight the ETFs themselves and rebalance them if necessary will do better with pure ETFs (lower fees, easy to adjust, no minimum investments etc.).
There are countless discussions about peer-to-peer lending. As long as the economy is booming and people are liquid, returns are likely to remain good. So what happens when the economy comes to a standstill again or even a provider goes bankrupt? Ouch, then the money is gone. My favourites are still stocks and ETFs.

@Mark: those who think long-term and invest money on a regular basis, will achieve very good returns over time. However, if you currently intend to invest a large one-time amount, you might want to wait for a market adjustment. but we all don't know when and if this will happen. lets find out how things develop.

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