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December 24, 2018


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I wasn't always into cooking, but I am finding it enjoyable for a number of different reasons. It saves a lot of money and we can eat exactly what we want. We recently started using Copy Me That to store recipes and meal plan, which has helped us plan better. By making larger meals and freezer meals, I've noticed that we also have a lot more leftovers to use later in the week. It is one of those things that has a huge domino effect. Thanks for sharing.

Good point, we also have a recipe plan. This makes the selection of meals much more effective. Thank you for your comment Chris.

Awesome post Alexander!I'm a huge fan of puzzles. I love doing things that cost nothing. There's nothing more satisfying than having fun for free!

Thank you. Yeah, especially for kids its a great alternative to all those computer-, mobile phone- and digital activities.

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