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There is also the Amex Blue Cash card.

- no annual fee
- 5% gas/groceries/drugstores (after $6500 in purchases)
- 1.25% everything else (after $6500 in purchases)

I use that card and the Chase Freedom card as my main 2 credit cards.

The Fidelity Retirement Rewards AmEx is my personal favorite. (they also have an investment and college savings version) 2% back on everything automatically swept into your Fidelity account when you hit $50 or more. If you already have an investment account with Fidelity it's a great option.

-no annual fee
-2% on everything, (unlimited as far as I can tell. I put six months of rent on it one month on top of moving expenses, no trouble)

Great initiative, FMF!

The Citi Dividend isn't new. I have had this card maybe 7 years.

I am with No Debt MBA, I use the fidelity AMEX too and I love it. They also have a visa that gives 1.5% back.

What about the Discover More card? Their cash back limits are lower than Chase Freedom's, but I feel like they're a little more generous with their online rebates.

I've also had the Citi card mentioned above, but when the Chase Freedom Mastercard came out, I switched. The Citi card often has the same rotating categories as the Chase card does, unfortunately.

Added a few more cards based on input from you all and others. Thanks!!!

The Hilton Honors card is great because it gives 6% back on telecom bills. I don't think any other gives specific bonuses to telecom bills. So even though you have to spend it at their hotels it's still better than 1.5% cash if you ever plan on staying at a hotel.

Based on lowest mortgage rates today, best cash back credit cards could also be use with other loaning transaction such as house loan and car loan.

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